Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG)

We all experience tragedy at some point during our lives, but some face personal tragedies that are so terrible that they are unfortunately traumatized by the experience. However, if you have experienced a traumatic event and you are actively seeking support and guidance on how to go about achieving post-traumatic growth, then I can help. As a life coach, I do not offer post-traumatic therapy—instead, what I specialize in is coaching individuals who are emotionally committed to moving forward with their lives. So, if you suffered from a traumatic event, and you are ready to begin the process of post-traumatic growth (PTG), but you’re unsure of how to begin, then I can offer advice on how to begin.

By building off of your previous success, I can coach you on how to achieve positive change. If you’re working to regain your life, then I can offer guidance regarding educational resources that you can consult, and together we can build an overall strategy for you to utilize as you move forward with your life. As long as you’re emotionally committed to moving forward, then I can help you achieve the personal results that you desire, and you can move ahead with your life.